Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Happy Gavin

Gavin is a happy baby pretty much most the time, he is such a joy in our family and we are so grateful that we get to have him with us. Here are a couple pics of him over the past few monthes as he's grown and grown and grown.

Here's Gavin at 81/2 monthes, loving his blanket. He's absolutely enamored with his afghan from Grandma VB(not pictured:) Every night when we take him up for bed, his face lights up as soon as he sees it and then he grabs it and shoves his face into it. I've never seen a kid so happy to go to bed:)More happy babyHere's Gavin enjoying our walk in the woods. Braden and Jacob love sitting in the rocker Great Grandma Lichtenberg gave us, that used to belong to her dad when he was little, so it came as no surprise when Gavin wanted to jump in and have a ride too:)10 1/2 monthes, notice the bruises starting to form, he's in to everything!Here's my sweet baby, tired out from all his playing with brothers, he crawled into his room, pulled my afghan off the chair and fell asleep on the floor. Night night Gavin, we love you!

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