Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Gavin

Happy Birthday Gavin! I can't believe my baby's turning 1! What a joy and blessing (and trial) Gavin has been for our family over the past year, he just lights up the room with his happy smile (or brings chaos and destruction with his demanding screaming but we won't go there today:) Here are some highlights from the big day:

When Gavin woke up he immeiately got to play with 'new' toys that we had pulled down from the attic, I'm not sure if Gavin or Braden was more excited to see the animal train return from the attic, but Gavin definately enjoyed the 5 minutes he could steal it away from Braden and he loved the steering wheel toy, but he loved screaming into the microphone the most I think:) Gavin also got his first taste of cow juice. I think the video says it all:) After a yummy pancake breakfast he got to go to the doctor that morning and get his happy birthday shots(:( ) He weighed in at just over 20 lbs and 28 1/2 inches. Still kinda runty down in the bottom percentiles but to me he is so big and just perfect:)

Braden and Jacob loved wishing Gavin a happy birthday all day long (they definately get that from their dad) and they loved helping dad decorate for the party that night, they also insisted that everyone wear a party hat and in some cases 2.

To say the least Gavin LOVED his birthday cake (he also loved the bath afterward). He got lots of beautiful clothes from Grandma VB, some new jams and cars from Aunt Kristie and a zylophone from Auntie Laura. Gavin is so blessed by all the wonderful people in his life and we in turn are blessed to have him. It was indeed a very happy birthday.

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