Saturday, April 18, 2009

This is for you Kris!

This post is 95% for our dear Aunt Kristie for kicking my butt and getting me to FINALLY post again:) It's not that I don't like to post or don't have fun pics of my darling children, but life is just BUSY! Or maybe I'm just a slacker, either way here's what we've been up to since January (and I'm sure many of you will be relieved to see that my life no longer centers on Gavin's sleeping habits:)

In January we went and visited the dinosaurs at the Heard Museum and they were AWESOME! They had one that spit water that the boys carefully avoided and a life size T-Rex (it also roared and moved) that instilled proper fear into my dear Braden, if only I could figure out how to do that at home...
This is what the face of fear and awe look like...January also brought rice cereal back into our lives, mushy disgusting nasty rice cereal. But we love it because it also meant that Gavin was FINALLY sleeping through the night and I was finally sane again, so life was good, and Gavin didn't seem to mind, but he also didn't know any better:) This face would later be joined by grunts and screams any time the spoon took more than 5.2 seconds to re-enter his hungry little mouth. He's really intense about his food!

This picture is really 100% for Kristie, look SNOW in TEXAS, really it's true! AND there's enough for Braden to attempt to make a snow angel. It was a REALLY exciting day:)

Jacob loves and adores Gavin, sometimes I worry that he will love Gavin a little too much. This morning Braden was off at pre-school and Jacob really got to step into the big brother role (Braden can sometimes be a teensy weensy bit over bearing, you never would have guessed:) I had Gavin propped up in the bean bag and Jacob proceeded to bring down all his stuffed animals AND Braden's special blanket just for Gavin. Then he got cow and entertained Gavin with his cow puppet. He's such a sweet brother!

February brought carrots to our house again and as much as we love the rice cereal, thank heavens for solid food that at least resembles in some form real food. Gavin was a little unsure at first and than decided that they were much better than rice cereal so he better eat them. That lasted about 2-3 weeks until he realized the rest of us didn't have to eat everything smushed to a pulp and than he started demanding proper table food. At first we didn't know what was going on and were just beside ourselves that at 7 monthes he was so demanding and picky, but we don't call him the Gavinator for nothing, the little tyrant:)

I just had to post this next pic so everyone can see how much trouble these two really are. They thought it would be really funny to take all the condiments out of the fridge door and stack them on the counter. They were giggling like crazy so I finally came and checked on them and they were so proud of their mischevious little selves. It was at that point that I gave up, got Paul to clean everything up while I grabbed the camera, dear sweet wonderful children...

March was just gorgeous and so we hit the park A LOT! We found this awesome one tucked away that had great walking trails and huge trees and lots of great exploring fun. This is Gavin's first adventure in the swing, Let's just say he LOVED it to put it mildly:)

This was Jacob's first venture in the big boy swing and he was so proud of his clever little self. Braden helped me push both of the boys, he's loves to help mom, cause that's what big guys do, and superheros, which is what he is:)

And here is Braden giving me my first heart attack of the day as he jumped like 2 feet from one bench to the other. I swear I could already hear the ambulence coming for his poor cracked head. But Braden is a REALLY good jumper (Dear Dad, we really really really need a trampoline. Love, the couches)

In April our ward did a family temple trip activity. Both Braden and Jacob immediatly and excitedly pointed out the Angel Moroni. They were so well behaved with Braden helping us keep close tabs on Jacob, he really does help out so well with Jacob, I just love that kid! Aren't they all just so adorable:)

And finally here's my Gavinator in the bath. I can't believe how well he's sitting up all by himself! He's gotten SO big and he's doing so many things but he'll always be my sweet baby:)

So that's pretty much been our life for the past couple of monthes, just busy growing our wonderful sweet family and trying to stay sane while doing it! Hope you enjoyed the post Kris, hopefully I'll be better about doing it now, we love ya!